Clipping horses this winter?

It is super important to consider your horses work routine as well as their coat and skin type before choosing the right clip, or clipping at all for that matter.

If you do a lot of light riding through the winter, it is best to leave your horses coat as is to keep them insulated. Horses in moderate work load, that tend to sweat a fair amount, a trace clip would keep them more comfortable and help them dry faster after their ride.

When to consider a full body clip? Horses that are in heaven work loads, 6 days a week, a full body clip would benefit them. Consider how much your horse is outside as well, because bare legs aren't fun in the cold.

The pictured diagram below shows the different type of clip patterns to consider. Don't forget your horses work load, skin type, and time outside before deciding! 

Don't like spring shedding but your horse would not benefit from a clip? Full body clip in the Spring! Get rid of that shedding coat, keep your horse cleaner, save your clothes and time- but be sure to blanket!


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