Saddle Trials Terms and Conditions

All saddle shopping is by appointment only. This is in place to ensure we can help you find both what you want and what you need.

When you book your appointment, you will fill out a questionnaire asking you for information about yourself and your horse. You will be asked to attach pictures of your horse to help guide Carmen in finding the right saddle.

During your appointment, Carmen will have you sit in all saddles that suit you, your horse and your budget. He will assess your balance and position in each and decide on a saddle (or two) for you to take home and try.

The cost of taking our saddles on trial is $250 for the trial fee, and a $50 consultation fee. If you purchase a saddle through us, the full $300 will go towards the sale price. If you find a saddle elsewhere or stop your search, you will be refunded your $250.

We encourage all of our clients to work with a certified, independent saddle fitter. We work with two highly knowledgeable, certified, independent saddle fitters (not sales reps!) that we are happy to recommend. If you are working with a saddle fitter, please let us know so we can better assist you.

Remember, whether you are coming to shop for saddles for the first time, have already started the process with us, or are simply returning a saddle you have on trial, you MUST book an appointment with Carmen in advance.