Bucas Shamrock Power Cooler
Bucas Shamrock Power Cooler

Bucas Shamrock Power Cooler


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The Bucas Shamrock Cooler is the
ultimate when it comes to horse coolers. Made with a double layer of Stay-Dry
fabric, the Shamrock Cooler has extreme wicking functionality, making sure your
horse is at its most comfortable at all times. These properties make the
Shamrock Cooler the perfect anti-sweat sheet, travel blanket, and light stable
sheet. This cooler is also made with an anti-bacterial lining keeping it fresh
and in excellent condition.

  • Dual layer of
    Stay-Dry fabric for maximum wicking strength.
  • Stay-Dry fabric
    wicks moisture away from your horse ensuring your horse’s comfort.
  • Anti-bacterial
    lining to keep the rug fresh.
  • Low friction
    finish on the outside minimizes the amount of bedding sticking to the blanket.
  • Padded front area
    provides additional comfort and protection from the strap fasteners.
  • Shoulder darts
    allow for full shoulder movement and ensure a proper fit.
  • Detachable
    elastic straps on the inside to keep the cooler in place.
  • Fillet string
  • Attachments for
    leg straps.
  • Internal elastic
    surcingles to help keep the rug secure and in place.

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