Bucas Power Cooler

Bucas Power Cooler


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The Bucas Power Cooler is the
necessary accessory for all performance sport horses! The Bucas Power Cooler is
the ideal light weight sheet made of a specialty Stay-Dry fabric which wicks
moisture away from your horse and allows it to evaporate on top of the sheet.
This makes it the perfect sweat cooler, travel sheet, competition cooler, and
light stable sheet for your horse. The outer finish has low-friction properties
helping to keep your horse’s bedding off of their blanket.

  • Shoulder darts
    allow for full shoulder movement and ensure a proper fit.
  • Overlap front
    enclose protects your horse from straps and fasteners.
  • Detachable
    elastic straps on the inside to keep the cooler in place.
  • Fillet string
  • Attachments for leg straps

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