Amerigo 5-Point Breastplate

Amerigo 5-Point Breastplate


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Amerigo combines style and
elegance with functionality with the Amerigo 5-Point Breastplate. The 5-point
system is uniquely configured with elasticised straps attaching to both the girth and D-rings from
the point at your horse’s chest. This configuration encourages your horse to
elevate their withers and round their neck when pressure is applied, this
assists in better half-halts and control while jumping without hindering your
horse’s freedom of movement. Amerigo uses only the finest quality leather and
manufactures their products with the utmost care.

The Amerigo 5-Point Breastplate
comes with a removable leather running martingale attachement as shown.
Available in both Cob and Full, Brown, Black, New Market and Oakbark. Please inquire on special ordering.

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