Antares Standing Martingale

Antares Standing Martingale


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Antares Sellier has become a name
known for the finest quality saddles and horse tack all crafted in Saintes,
France. The recognizable style of their equipment is matched only by their
quality and their optimization for the comfort of your horse.

The Antares Standing Martingale is a beautiful piece made
by Antares Sellier. The high quality and distinctively coloured leather
communicates style and elegance. The supple leather is beautifully stitched
with Antares classic fancy stitching guaranteed to attract attention in the
show ring. Complete with stainless steel buckles and hardware, the Antares
Standing Martingale is both durable and functional. Enjoy the style and fine
craftsmanship of Antares with the Antares
Standing Martingale.

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