Back on Track Royal Hock Boot

Back on Track Royal Hock Boot


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The Back on Track® Hock Boot is made with a material infused with ceramic
particles which has had revolutionary success in the horse sport industry. These
boots are meant to aid in the treatment of a variety of ailments associated
with the hock joint including swelling, inflammation, and soreness of the
joint. The ceramic infused pad helps to speed up the recovery time of an injury
by reducing inflammation in your horse. The interior of the Hock Boot is made
from 50% cotton and 50% polypropylene fabric infused with ceramic particles while
the outer shell is made from neoprene with easy to remove and apply Velcro

*In order to reduce the risk of
the boot sliding down it is suggested that your horse wear leg wraps while
using the Back on Track® Hock Boots*

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