Bossy's Bibs RugGuard


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Bossy's Bibs Rug Guard provides total body cover and a silky protective layer between the top rug and the coat preventing hip, shoulder, wither and chest rubs, it is lightweight and breathable. Bossy's Bibs Rug Guard also promotes a healthy coat and prevents the build up of grease and hair on your top rugs. The perfect solution to save your horses coat!  

Main Features

  • Prevents hair loss from shoulders, chest, withers and hips

  • Worn under all rugs

  • Protects top rug from grease build-up

  • Allows rubbed hair to re-grow

  • Superior quality fabric and tailoring

  • Fully machine washable at 40°C

  • We can make made to measure for miniature ponies and very large horses 

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