Ecogold Coolfit XC Pad
Ecogold Coolfit XC Pad
Ecogold Coolfit XC Pad
Ecogold Coolfit XC Pad

Ecogold Coolfit XC Pad


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Ecogold’s design has combined
what every rider wants in their saddle pads, shock absorption and CoolMax
technology! The Ecogold Coolfit XC Pad has a two removable open-cell foam
inserts which move vertical impact laterally, keeping it away from your horse’s
back. These inserts are 100% breathable, allowing your horse to continue
experiencing the benefits of the CoolMax layer on the underside of the saddle
pad even while the shock-absorbing inserts are in place.

There is a distinct air vent
along the spine of the saddle pad near the rider’s seat which allows air to
flow up in between the panels and the circulated in the foam of the pad where
it reaches your horse’s back. The Ecogold Coolfit XC Pad provides the following

  • Adaptable! This
    saddle pad adapts for the cross country horse to provide the best fit.
  • No Friction!
    Ecogold’s frictionless system prevents slipping and sliding of the saddle pad
    by keeping the friction inside of the saddle pad layers.
  • Shock absorption!
    The open-cell foam takes any vertical impact inflicted on the saddle and moves
    it laterally, keeping your horse’s back from absorbing the shock.
  • Ergonomic design!
    Ecogold’s design allows for much more wither freedom as well as extremely close
    contact between horse and rider, improving the quality of their connection.

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