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The FreeJump Airbag Cartridges are replacement CO2 canisters that fit exclusively with the FreeJump Airbag Protective Vest. It is advised that these cartridges should be replaced with the first sign of rust or surface deterioration. Sold individually.

Made in Austria.

CAUTION: Safety equipment must fit properly and be appropriately secured with manufacture approved parts only. Altering or adding to safety equipment voids warranty and can result in injury. As a safety precaution, inspect all products prior to each use.

How to replace the Freejump airbag Cartridge ?

Reminder : sizes XXS to L : 60 CC cartridges // sizes L-slimfit to XXL : 85 CC cartridges

  1. Unscrew the cartridge and double check it has been used
  2. Use an Allen key
  3. Reposition the piston with the Allen key
  4. Reposition the ball with its holding clip
  5. Double check that the cartridge is new
  6. Start screwing back manually and straight the cap into the generator, finish with the Allen key
  7. Check with the indicator

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