Herm Sprenger Dynamic RS Sensogan Loose Ring - 14mm

Herm Sprenger Dynamic RS Sensogan Loose Ring - 14mm


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The Herm Sprenger Dynamic RS
Aurigan Loose Ring 14mm is the perfect bit to create a truly enhanced connection
between your hands and your horses mouth!


Aurigan is an incredible metal patented
for use in Sprenger bits. Aurigan is an ideal material for use in bits due to
being makeup being 85% Copper, 11% Zinc, and 4% Silicon. The Copper provides a
sweet taste for horses and the high oxidation of Aurigan as a whole encourages
your horse to chew and accept the bit more readily. The acceptance of the bit
creates a more natural and genuine contact improving the quality of

HS Dynamic RS Bits

The Dynamic RS bits have been
completely ergonomically designed to distribute pressure evenly across your
horses mouth improving the quality of your connection. Like the KK Ultra bits,
the center link has been angled forward 45 degrees leaving adequate room for
the sensitive tongue and allowing the bit to rest flat in your horses mouth.

The Dynamic bits fully support
the corners of your horses mouth, making your horse more readily accept the
bit and effectively encouraging your horse to stay on the bit. Your horses
tongue is extremely sensitive and creating more space and distributing pressure
more evenly across the mouth allows for a lighter contact and a happier horse.
Improvement can typically be felt during the first ride! Introduce your horses
mouth to the Dynamic RS and feel the difference.

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