Herm Sprenger System 4 Stirrups

Herm Sprenger System 4 Stirrups


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Finally, stirrups which alleviate
the aches and pains while riding! The Herm Sprenger System 4 Stirrups get their
name due to the System 4 technology which allows movement in 4 different
directions at all times. The increased flexibility allows for riders to be more
balanced and stable in their positions. The Sprenger System 4 Stirrups offer
many features including:

  • Bi-Lateral Flexibility—by the
    stirrup being able to flex in BOTH directions, pressure is removed from the
    rider’s joints and ligaments and a more natural position is created.
  • Weighted Bottoms—keeping the
    stirrups in place and the leg in a sturdier position.
  • System 4 Technology—allows the
    stirrup to pivot in 4 different directions.

Please note that due to the
rubber coverings the stirrup opening is ¼” smaller.

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