Herm Sprenger WH Ultra Soft Loose Ring - 16mm

Herm Sprenger WH Ultra Soft Loose Ring - 16mm


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The Herm Sprenger WH Ultra
Soft  Loose Ring 16mm is the perfect bit to create a truly enhanced
connection between your hands and your horse's mouth!

HS WH Ultra Soft Bits


The WH Ultra Soft Bits have
become world renowned for creating a better contact between horse and rider. At
the Veterinary University in Hanover, Germany, researchers spent hours truly
examining the inside of the horse’s mouth in an attempt to improve how bits
rest in their mouth. They found that standard bits actually constrain the
tongue and do not rest flat in the horse’s mouth, interrupting the contact with
the reins.

The WH Ultra Soft has been
designed using this research to improve the quality of the horse and rider
connection. The middle link has been shortened and angled forward 45 degrees
which allows the bit to rest flat in your horse’s mouth creating a more
consistent and even contact and making instructions much more clear through the

Your horse’s tongue is extremely
sensitive and the WH Ultra adds a new twist to the KK Ultra with its middle soft
mouthpiece that allows for soft play for your horse’s tongue. This soft center
helps to further increase focus from your horse and creates a lighter and
happier horse. Improvement can typically be felt during the first ride!
Introduce your horse’s mouth to the WH Ultra Soft and feel the difference.

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