Ice Horse Suspensory Wrap - Pair

Ice Horse Suspensory Wrap - Pair


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Tired of cold therapy products that don’t stay cold? Ice Horse Wraps with Cold Capsule Inserts are scientifically proven to stay colder 3 times longer than gel wraps or buckets of ice and water. Ice Horse Wraps with patented Cold Capsule Inserts are the first choice of veterinarians, leading riders and trainers.

Suspensory Wraps  provide coverage from just below the knee along the entire cannon, pastern and fetlock areas and rest on the coronary band covering the entire length of the suspensory ligament. Wrap fits both front and hind legs and is great for treating Suspensory Ligament injury and Deep Digital Flexor Tendon problems.

  • The Ice Horse Suspensory Wrap is made of heat-releasing Quadrispan™, so it doesn’t suppress heat inside like Neoprene can.
  • The compression-tight material also provides even compression along the leg and tendon for better healing.
  • Ice Horse is well tolerated by horses (no more holding a fidgety horse while trying to cold hose his legs.) And Velcro tabs make Ice Horse wraps quick and easy to apply and remove.
  • Once frozen, Cold Capsule inserts are filled with small ice crystals which look and feel like soft flakey snow, are malleable, and conform to the horse's body for maximum coverage.
  • Cold Capsule inserts are scientifically tested and proven to provide therapeutic cooling for over two hours.

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