Kentucky Kick Pad
Kentucky Kick Pad

Kentucky Kick Pad


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At Kentucky Horsewear we strive for perfect protection for your horse. Therefore, we developed our new Kick Pad! Many owners, riders and grooms use heavy, expensive rubber pads to prevent the horse from sustaining injuries while kicking in the stall or during transportation. We searched for an affordable and easy-to-use alternative and so we developed our new Kick Pad. Our Kick Pad can be used in different places, like the stall, van or truck. By making use of the reinforced rings you can attach it wherever you like. A lot of horses that kick in their stalls go on international shows. Our lightweight Kick Pad is easy to take with you and offers your horse the protection it needs, wherever he/she goes. The fabric is very strong and has a waterproof coating on the inside and a water-repellent layer on the outside. The Kick Pad is very easy to maintain. The filling is made out of shock absorbing foam with a thickness of 4cm.

- Prevents injuries from kicking against the wall or during transport
- Multiple reinforced rings
- Lightweight & waterproof inside
- Shock absorbing foam
- Measurements: 1 x 1.20m - thickness: 4cm

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