Myler Level 2 3-Ring Combo Bit

Myler Level 2 3-Ring Combo Bit


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The Myler Bit
system is built around the idea that as your horse progresses through training,
what they need from their bit changes. Each level represents a different means
of communication with your horse and as your horse graduates through the levels
you’ll re-bit to adjust how you communicate.

Myler Level 2
Bits are for horses who have their basic training established. They should be
relaxing in the poll more readily and be working on more complicated movements
such as bending, leg yields, collection, and changing leads. The following are
attributes of Myler Level 2 Bits:

Curved mouthpiece
allowing your horse to swallow easily.

Small ported
mouthpiece applying more pressure to the bars of the mouth rather than the

Copper Inlay—encourages
your horse to salivate and more readily accept the bit.

Myler Level 2 3-Ring Combo Bit, 6" Shanks, black leather and rope noseband, synthetic rubber curb strap. The mouthpiece on this bit is a polished sweet iron which encourages your horse to salivate and oxidizes on its own.

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