Neue Schule Verbindend Hunter D-Ring

Neue Schule Verbindend Hunter D-Ring

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The Verbindend greatly clarifies and emphasizes the signals through the rein.  Promoting self-carriage and throughness, a true outline and freedom through the shoulder can be developed with this bit. The Verbindend has consistently helped eradicate tongue evasions, encouraging the horse to soften and relax through the jaw. The cleverly curved mouthpiece can also enhance the development of the bend for lateral work and smaller circles.   The D-ring cheek-piece is excellent for added directional control and exceptionally good for tight turns during faster work. It is also safer as it should not pull through the mouth in a panic situation.  This dressage legal snaffle is not severe, so if you need help with directional control and extra lift, this may meet your needs.

Mouthpiece Thickness 16mm

Dressage Legal- Y

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