Oster CryogenX™ 40 Clipper Blade

Oster CryogenX™ 40 Clipper Blade


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When it comes to tough clipping
jobs, there is no better match than Oster. The Oster CryogenX™ 40 Clipper Blade
like all Oster blades goes through a 12-step process which guarantees their
quality craftsmanship.

  • Fine grain carbon steel is heat
    treated to create an incredibly hard surface which creates superior durability
  • Patented CryogenX Process—deep freezes
    the blades at -300 degrees producing a harder and sharper blade.
  • Extended Product Life
  • Blades are Hand-Lapped—creating an
    extremely smooth cut finish.
  • Built for Close Clipper Work—leaves
    hair 0.25mm long.

Trusted for over a century, see
why equestrians love the power of Oster with the Oster CryogenX™ 40 Clipper

Compatible with the Oster A5, Power Pro, Performax, Power Max, Protege, and Groom Master Clippers.

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