Oster Kool Lube

Oster Kool Lube


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When it comes to tough clipping
jobs, there is no better match than Oster. The Oster Kool Lube is a 3 in 1
treatment for the clipper blades to help ensure durability as well as clean and
smooth operation.

  • Fast Drying—not interrupting your
  • Non-Flammable and Non-Conductive—allowing
    you to apply the lubricant during operation.
  • Reduces Friction and Heat—keeping
    your horse comfortable and allowing your blades to last longer.
  • No Oily Residue—unlike other
    clipper lubricants, Kool Lube leaves no greasy residue.

Trusted for over a century, see
why equestrians love the power of Oster with the Oster Kool Lube.

Available in a 14oz bottle.

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