Point Two Pro Air Vest
Point Two Pro Air Vest
Point Two Pro Air Vest

Point Two Pro Air Vest


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As providers of Air Jackets to 14
nations, Point Two has created a revolutionary safety mechanism in the horse
world with their ProAir Jacket. Many top level eventers have credited their
Point Two Air Jacket with allowing them to walk away from devastating falls
with minimal or no injury. The Point Two ProAir is very light and can hold up
to the most extreme conditions, it has become the protective choice of riders
from all disciplines and all levels of competition.

How does the Point Two ProAir
Jacket work?

The Point Two ProAir Jacket is
attached to your saddle by a lanyard which when pulled due to the rider being
separated from the saddle, instantly activates the CO2 canister stored in the
front of the vest which then fully inflates the vest. The Point Two ProAir
inflates in a tenth of a second, literally fully surrounding the rider in a
blink of an eye.

While inflated, the ProAir still
allows for full movement of the arms, legs and chest and partial movement of
the head and neck. The ProAir stays tightly inflated for 15 to 20 seconds then
will slowly deflate over 2 to 3 minutes. Once the Point Two ProAir Jacket has
been inflated it is completely reusable, however, the CO2 canister must be

What areas of the body does the
Point Two ProAir Jacket protect?

The Point Two ProAir Jacket
protects many areas of the body including the abdominal area, protecting
internal organs, the ribcage and its internal organs, the neck and spine
attempting to prevent paralyzing injuries in the event of a rotational fall or
just a severe involuntary dismount.

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