Prestige 5-Point Breastplate

Prestige 5-Point Breastplate


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Prestige communicates quality and
style as well as functionality with their superior products manufactured right
in Italy. The Prestige 5-Point Breastplate is no exception, with its unique
style and premium leather it’s guaranteed to draw attention in the show ring.
The discs are made with genuine, soft sheepskin which helps to prevent rubbing
while assisting in keeping the saddle securely in its place. The leather is
nicely padded helping to keep it comfortable against your horse’s skin. The
5-Point Breastplate is finished off with stainless steel buckles and hardware
making it extremely durable as well as elegant. See why Prestige is the number
one choice for so many top level riders with the Prestige 5-Point Breastplate.

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