Professional's Choice VenTECH Equalizer Girth


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Professional Choice has made
quality products for close to 40 years for the equestrian world. The
Professional Choice VenTECH Equalizer Girth is the design horses and riders
have been waiting for. The trademark VenTECH technology has created a neoprene
girth that actually breaths which optimizes the comfort for your horse. The
ventilated, non-slipping neoprene liner conforms to your horse creating a
customized fit and feel. This liner creates an airflow which allows heat and
moisture to escape keeping your horse cool and comfortable. This liner is also
removable which makes for easy washing!

The reinforced steel equalizer
allows for pressure to be distributed evenly to all billets ensuring a stable
and secure fit. For the ultimate in performance, choose the Professional Choice
VenTECH Equalizer Girth.

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