Purvida Polish Hoof Oil

Purvida Polish Hoof Oil


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Purvida Healthy Horse's NEW Large Hoof Oil and Brush Applicator makes it easier than ever to keep your horse’s hooves healthy - made with the same great formula in our Purvida Polish Hoof Oil, but now in a larger, 8 oz. bottle with a paint brush applicator for quick and thorough application that won’t contaminate the rest of your bottle. 


Our formula is 100% plant-based and made with the good stuff like avocado oil to hydrate and nourish the hoof, tea tree essential oil to fight thrush & kill bacteria, and a hint of beeswax to seal out mud while allowing your horse’s hooves to breathe.


Directions: Apply oil to entire hoof, including coronary band, frog, and sole 3-5x per week

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