Recovery EQ Extra Strength - 1kg

Recovery EQ Extra Strength - 1kg


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Recovery EQ Extra Strength has
become world renowned for its solution to pain which is far more than just
relief. Recovery EQ Extra Strength targets the chronic inflammation which is
responsible for the pain by stabilizing cell structures and promoting healing
in any damaged cells. This relaxes tension in your horse and curbs inflammation
improving the quality of performance as well as their quality of life.

Recovery EQ Extra Strength contains
Nutricol which is a proven mix of ingredients which have been extracted and
purified from grapes and de-caffeinated green tea. It is this ingredient which
increase’s your horse’s cell’s resistance to damage as well as their ability to
heal. The only difference in the formulation of the extra strength supplement
is the addition of 100mg of hyaluronic acid which makes this version of
Recovery great for athletic horses and improves your horse’s endurance. Equestrians
all over the world agree, Recovery EQ Extra Strength is much more than a pain
reliever, it’s a pain solution.

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