Shires Lusso Hunter Bridle

Shires Lusso Hunter Bridle

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The Lusso Hunter Cavesson Bridle is part of the Lusso pro series of tack.

The Hunter Bridle has been designed specifically for the American hunter arena. It is traditionally styled with classic raised, fancy stitched leather. The ergonomic touches are subtly integrated into the traditional look, offering both comfort and smart style. The flat browand noseband feature a straight cut and a depth that that helps spread pressure. Soft leather is combined with generous anti-shock padding at the headpiece. The angled throatlatch creates a sleek, elegant profile.

Lusso Bridles DO NOT include reins. For rider preference, a variety of matching Lusso reins are sold separately.


Raised fancy stitched European leather
Freedom fit headpiece
Three part form fitting anti-shock crown
Cutaway ear profile
Sleek angled throatlatch
Stainless steel fittings
Reins not included

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