Vac's Jersey No Bow Wraps


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Vac's jersey no-bows are made of a soft absorbent fleece fabric with a center of dense sponge like foam, which is kept in place by Vac's exclusive stitching. Vac's No Bows are a classic staple item that have been around for 25 years. These are the No Bows
which first generated the term No Bows! Designed by Vacs over 25 years ago, the
Vac’s Jersey No Bow Wraps are made with a foam center and although the pioneer
design they are still the most popular leg wrap on the market today! The outer
layer is made from a soft fleece fabric which is very absorbent, while the
inner layer is made of a very dense foam. Vacs has their own formula for
stitching which keeps this foam bunching up and negating its effect. The
flexible foam contours to your horse’s leg creating a custom fit and feel

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