Veredus Vento Carbon Gel Ankle Boots
Veredus Vento Carbon Gel Ankle Boots

Veredus Vento Carbon Gel Ankle Boots


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The Veredus Vento Carbon Gel
Ankle Boots are a revolutionary design and the only horse boots that provide
DOUBLE ventilation! When it comes to your horse’s legs, only the best will do. These
Veredus Vento Boots offer superior protection, security, and comfort compared
to many of their competitors. These boots offer the following features and

  • Double-Ventilation
    and Superior Air Flow—this is provided by the double vents, cool air is taken
    in by the bottom vent while hot air is pushed out through the top vent keeping
    your horse’s legs cool and comfortable continuously.
  • Anatomically Designed
    Outer Shell—this outer shield is made of a semi-rigid polyurethane comfortably
    designed for a custom type fit.
  • Carbon Fiber
    Strike Pad—the inner carbon shield of the boot provides the ultimate protection
    for your horse’s fetlock area and durability against repetitive strikes.
  • Shock Absorbing
    Gel—the lining of gel beneath the strike pad provides intensive shock
    absorption, protecting your horse’s legs from impact.
  • Secure Fastening
    Straps with Quick Release.

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